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Home of the Wisest Guard Dog You Can Ever Own

Wise Guardian Kennels is a well-known Dog Breeder in the Central Valley, CA.  We are Veteran owned and operated, we dedicate our entire lives to caring for the animals. We have worked closely with the breed since 2012, and large size dogs for over 20 years.  Our main priority is ensuring the best health and well-being of all our animals from birth until they leave with their forever family - and beyond. We also strive to produce the biggest and most pristine cane corso you can find on the West Coast. Our corsos are bred ready to work and have amazing temperament. These dogs have been proven time after time, to protect us in any given circumstance. They are the best dogs to have around families and other farm animals.  
We live in a small town called Hanford, where we have a lot of farm life and open space. We’ve taken these dogs with us everywhere from CA, to CO, AZ, NV, OR, ID, NM, TX, WY, UT and even Mexico!

 From the coast to the mountains, the open fields and crowded city streets, through the desert and snow Covered trees... these dogs endure it all, and are bred to be war dogs. 
We like to keep our dogs well exercised and train them to defend and obey. Our dogs are some of the most loving yet fierce and protective little beasts you will ever meet. Oh... and their puppies......you’re going to wish you got one if you haven’t already.  

All of our dogs health is very important to us, they are our family and we know their health will effect their puppies. Our dogs have been tested for diseases, up to date on shots and have been cleared to be in good health, they also have hip guarantees themselves and on all of their puppies.

We want to make sure these pups are given to exceptional homes who are qualified and fully ready to take on the role of becoming a Cane Corso owner.
We offer optional ear cropping,  deliveries and health insurance for all puppies as well. Choosing to get a Cane Corso is easy, but choosing the right breeder who cares about the genetics of the breed.... that’s where we stand out. We want nothing but healthy purebred, happy, genuinely cared for and loved products of champion bloodline to continue to produce not only the same but BETTER results.  
Follow us to watch our adventures and keep an eye out for our upcoming litters.



Our goal is to give you a puppy that will bring joy, happiness and love to your life. However our biggest goal is to provide our clients with the Wisest Protection Dog they’ll ever own. We strive to maintain consistent results, while exceeding our clients expectations. We are thrilled so many happy clients have turned to Wise Guardian Kennels to find their perfect corsos. It brings us joy to get p-updates from our clients. Take a look below to see what they have to say about our kennels. If you have an experience to share, please let us know. We love receiving feedback.


“💯 I love her 😍 I told my husband in about another year I would get another girl dog from you but this time with papers.”

 “...Like I said before I follow a lot and when I seen yours idk your puppies are like 🔥 the coat and there face ! We got some good corsos well you do and thanks to you I have CYN 🖤” 

Jessica Gutierrez
Lompoc, CA