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Frequently Asked Questions

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When will I get to choose my puppy?

Puppies are chosen at 6 weeks. Priority choice is given to those who pay the additional fee for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice, then by Order of Litter List registration.

I made a deposit on a puppy but I decided  don’t want one anymore, can I get my refund? 

No. In the event you change your mind on the puppy, you may choose to roll over to a new litter in the future or forfeit your deposit. Please see Deposit Policy Agreement. 

Can I make payments on a puppy if I can’t afford it all at once?

Yes, you have the option to make payments. However, payments must be made in FULL by the pick-up/delivery date.

How long do I have, until I have to pick-up my puppy once they’re ready?

Once the puppies hit the Puppy Pick-Up date, you have 5 days to pick-up or receive your delivery. After 5 days we charge daily boarding fee of $30 per day.  Once 12 (calendar) days have passed since the puppy pick-up date, and you still have yet to pick up or accept your puppy then we will consider your reservation a forfeiture, and the puppy will be re-listed for sale, and your deposit will fall under the Deposit Policy Agreement.

What happens if the puppies ears start to droop? 

In the event that your puppy needs molding on their ears to help them stand, they will need medical tape along with stilt to be set in place. If your corso puppy has got ahold of their ears during the taping/shaping process, then it would advisable to take your pup to the vet, to get them re-taped and corrected to avoid any aesthetically displeasing cosmetic changes. Also, try avoid getting the ears wet at all cost, and avoid any chance of bacteria or dirt getting into the areas so that infection is further prevented. It is also not our recommendation to keep the tape/stilts on the pup for to long and only re-tape  once the ears have fully healed and free of any scabs or open wounds.

Is there a special diet I should feed my dog, or is pedigree from a department store fine?

It is in our opinion at Wise Guardian Kennels that you should NEVER Feed your animals any generic brand dog food. Just like there are fake foods for humans, there are hundreds more for dogs. We recommend only one specific brand, and don’t worry we let our Corso fam i on which to get.

Now, if you can afford to spend extra and you want to keep your dog in optimum health then you want to keep your Corso on semi-, if not FULLY raw diet. But that doesn’t mean feed them anything!  
**keep an eye out for our nutrition plan for a shinny, healthy, strong corso coming soon.** 

Is this breed good for me if I don’t have a lot of time on my hands?

Definitely No!
These dogs can easily run a household if you let them. Constant training and a heavy hand is practically a requirement for any Corsi owner. These dogs are large and like all large breeds, they have an insane amount of energy that seems to never drain for the first two years of life.

I bought the puppy but now I don’t have time and I can’t afford it, can I take it back?

In the event you cannot care for the puppy, or simply decide its not a good fit, We will gladly accept the return of a puppy to our kennel at ANY age. Wise Guardian Kennels will do the work in finding the puppy a new home or keep it at our kennel instead. No Refunds. See Deposit Policy Agreement.

I’m from out of state, do you deliver or do I have to pick-up?

We offer deliveries local, in-state, out-of-state and nationwide. We take International deliveries case by case. Please send us a private message if you’re interested in delivery services.

If my puppy gets sick or developed health problems once getting home? 

In the event that your puppy has developed any health problems or issues during your trip home or preexisting conditions, you are covered under our Hip and Health guarantee. However, please be sure to read the agreement 100% prior to picking up your puppy as it is time sensitive window. For more information on what is covered, please visit our Hip and Health Guarantee page. 

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