The total deposit of $1000.00 (USD) is required to reserve a puppy and or secure a place on the Litter Waitlist, and is Applicable TOWARD the full price of the puppy. This covers the initial cost of care of said puppy along with the Ear Cropping, which is done at 6 weeks. The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. However, it is transferable as stated in the Deposit Policy Agreement. 

Genesis La Reyna & King Louie:

$3500 without Ear Crop

$4000 with Ear Crop 
Our pet pricing is just that, a price for a pet companion. These puppies are beautiful and as great as our limited and breeding puppies. However, their focus is more driven towards a FAMILY home setting, and not breeding, or showing. During the first six (6) weeks of life, we watch for signs and characteristics that will help us gauge whether or not these puppies will be great additions to a family setting or if they are destined for more work. 

Genesis La Reyna & King Louie: 

$4,500 With Ear crop

Our Limited AKC & ICCF registered pups are “Show Quality”and come with papers.

 Limited AKC & ICCF registration gives you the right as the Registered Owner to participate your Cane Corso’s in AKC &ICCF Shows & Events. Basically you want the papers but DO NOT want to breed. 

No Breeding rights.**

Genesis La Reyna & King Louie: 

$5,000 + with Ear Crop

Our Full AKC & ICCF registered pups are also known as “Breeding Quality”. All of our Puppies now come WITH the Ears Cropped to meet breed standards, unless otherwise stated. 

Full AKC & ICCF registration gives the new owner FULL breeding rights of the puppy, it allows the legal sale and breeding of offsprings that puppy may produce. It also allows the dog to be entered in all AKC & ICCF breed competitions and events. Therefore, dog owners who are not actively involved in dog breeding do not need to worry about a full registration certificate. Our FULL AKC & ICCF pups are held to a high standard. These puppies are selected specifically to meet and/or exceed the breed standard. 

**Pricing dependent upon co-ownership, non-ownership as well as priority choosing (1st, 2nd, 3rd P.O.L). 


First, Second and Third choice, reserves one of the top three best pups of the litter, male or female for breeding rights.

1st - $ADDITIONAL to price of puppy 

2nd - $ADDITIONAL to price of puppy

3rd - $ADDITIONAL to price of puppy 

(Price Varies by Litter, Delivery not included.)

Delivery is available local, in-state, out-of-state, and International. We have a third party service who we use to transport our puppies. International travel can be accommodated up to 30 lbs MAX and up to 10 weeks old.

Domestic Ground Shipping is case by case and based on location and availability.Delivery charges are NOT calculated by us, but a third party who we will get you in touch with. If you would like HAND DELIVERY from our Kennel, we also offer that up to 300 miles from our location, (price varies.)